Montgomery County Crime Stoppers

Panther Creek Village Association has aligned with Montgomery County Crime Stoppers to further promote a safe and crime free community.  Crime Stoppers is a local volunteer run 501 c(3) organization that pays cash for anonymous tips leading to arrest, and/or recovery of stolen property. 

If you have any information regarding any of the featured felons listed here, please call 1-800-392-STOP and provide your information anonymously. 

Montgomery County Crime Stoppers will be holding their annual golf classic fundraiser on October 30.  If interested in participating, please see


How to lower next year's water bill

You can take actions now to lower your water bill next year.

Your monthly water bill actually contains two bills. A “water” fee is charged for the volume of water that flows into your home as measured by your water meter.  A separate “sewer” fee is charged for the estimated volume of water that goes down your drains.

Although one could normally assume the amount of water coming out of your water taps would be the same amount of water that goes down your drains, in The Woodlands, a significant amount of water is used for things like irrigation and pools.  This water does not go into the sewer treatment system.

To account for this difference, the MUDs estimate the sewer volume billed to you throughout the year from the average of your winter meter readings. Their policy states that the “maximum sewer volume per billing period shall be based on the average water used during the winter periods of December, January and February.” 

Therefore, by shutting off irrigation systems and taking other steps to limit your water usage in winter months, you can establish the maximum sewer volume for which you will be billed for the remainder of the year.   

Panther Creek Village Association Bylaw Change

The Panther Creek Village Association is updating their bylaws to make changes in how the executive officers are elected, as well as increasing the size of the board. Historically, executive officers and area representatives were elected by the residents of Panther Creek in a general election for two year terms. The President and Treasurer were elected in odd numbered years along with 6 area representatives, and the Vice President and Secretary were elected in even number years along with the other 6 area representatives, for a total board size of 16 individuals.
In the future, residents will elect 9 area representative for 2-year terms by general election in even number years, and 9 area representatives in the odd number years for total board size of 18 individuals. These elected individuals will then select the officers from within their ranks, similar to how the township board and numerous other local entities operate.

Water Wise Challenge

The Water-Wise Village Challenge is coming!

Help Panther Creek Village win the challenge.

You play an important part in conserving our community’s water. Access to that precious commodity is becoming more constrained as our population grows. Help reduce the need to drill more wells and avoid further strain on existing water sources by conserving.

This fall, one of the easiest ways to reduce water use is to turn automated irrigation systems OFF - from October 15 through April 15 – as part of the Water-Wise Village Challenge. Besides saving water, when not irrigated during cooler months, turf grass goes dormant on top and the root system grows deeper and stronger. It will emerge healthier in the spring, and you’ll have reduced the need to apply chemicals!
By pledging to turn off your irrigation system, or not watering your lawn from Oct 15 through April 15, you will also help our Village Association win the Challenge. Community sponsors donate scholarship funds to the three villages with the most pledges.
Save water and earn points for our village by taking the pledge online or in person, beginning August 15, 2017. You can pledge until April 15, 2018, but additional points are awarded for early pledges.  For every household take takes the pledge before October 31, we get 3 points.  Pedge between November 1 and December 31st and we get 2 points.  Pledge between January 1 amd April 15 and we get 1 point.
You do not need to have an automated sprinkler system to take the pledge.  Simply pledge to not water your lawn during the challenge duration.
For full details, visit The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department website:, and Click on Water-Wise Village Challenge or call 281-210-3800 if you have questions.  To register your Pledge, click here .
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