Community Notices

  • $350 Million Road Bond Vote - May 9th

    Election Day: May 9

    Early Voting: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 27 to May 2 and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. May 4-5

    Early Voting at the following locations:

    • North Montgomery County Community Center, 600 Gerald St., Willis
    • Lone Star Community Center Star Parkway, 2500 Lone Star Parkway, Montgomery
    • Magnolia Volunteer Fire Department, 18215 Buddy Riley Blvd.
    • East County Courthouse Annex, 21130 U.S. 59
    • South County Community Building, 2235 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands
    • Montgomery County Administration Annex, 207 W. Phillips St., Conroe
    • Generations Church, 405 Rayford Road

    For additional details and election day locations, see

PCVA Road Bond Position

The following is provided as a service to the residents of the Village of Panther Creek.  It is an attempt to capture, in good faith, the arguments against and in favor of the road bond issue that is currently before the voters of The Woodlands.   The content has been taken from various press reports, letters to the editor, and websites of various proponents and opponents of the bond issue as well as governmental sources.   The Board of the Panther Creek Village Association is not taking a position on the bond issue, and does not represent that the content that follows is complete or accurate, but rather is our attempt to collect the information that has been put into the public domain so that each voter can educate himself or herself and make an informed vote on this issue of great importance to The Woodlands and the whole of Montgomery County.

Voter's Dilemma

Montgomery county voters are now forced to make a choice.  Either approve the current bond proposal which may be based on inadequate planning and insufficient analysis and includes approval of a controversial Woodlands Parkway extension, or decline the proposal and deny funding needed for other critically needed mobility projects.  The county commissioners could have brought forth a proposal that did not include these controversies.  However, they instead decided to include projects such as the Woodlands Parkway extension and what some say is insufficient planning, knowing it could put bond approval at risk.  Opponents say to deny the bond and send the commissioners back to the drawing board to bring forth a more acceptable analysis, and coordinated county wide plan later in the year before asking for money.  Proponents state it could take another 3 years to see a new bond proposal, and doing so would place the county even further behind in addressing critical mobility needs. 

Please vote your opinion.       

The Players - Montgomery County Commissioners Court

The Commissioners Court is the governing body of the county and consists of the County Judge and four county precinct commissioners elected by the voters. The Commissioners Court serves as both the legislative and executive branches of county government and has budgetary authority over all county departments, including those headed by other elected officials. Their principal focus is on the judicial system, health and social service delivery, law enforcement, and road construction within the county. 

The Issue - Keeping Pace with a Growing Population

Mobility is not just a local issue but a regional one driven by increasing population and development.  In our area, the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) serves as the transportation Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the eight county Houston region including Montgomery County. Through participation in development of comprehensive regional plans and regional prioritization, local governments can gain access to federal and state funds. H-GAC is actively planning the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan which sees some $77 billion needed in regional improvements including about $1.5 billion needed in Montgomery County.  

However, Montgomery county leadership has historically not been an active participant in these efforts and has only recently become involved through Commissioner Noack's efforts.


Welcome to the official website for The Panther Creek Village Association (PCVA), managed and operated by PCVA in The Woodlands, Texas. This website serves as a mechanism for the elected members of the association's board to communicate with the residents of Panther Creek village regarding matters of common community interest, and provides a gateway to various web sites and sources of information of potential interets to the residents of Panther Creek Village.

Chuck Meyer Joins Panther Creek Village Association Board

Chuck Meyer has joined the Panther Creek Village Association board of directors as an area representative. Chuck has had a varied and successful career as an engineer, a patent examiner, a judicial law clerk, a technology lawyer in both private practice and in-house with two corporations (Compaq and BlackBerry), a business leader in a publicly-traded company, and more recently as an Intellectual Property and IT Lawyer, Registered Patent Attorney and Partner with a national entrepreneurial law firm, FisherBroyles, LLP.  He also serves as a part-time Assistant District Attorney for Hardin County.  Chuck has been married for over thirty-one years to Monika Voigt Meyer, and he is the proud father of three daughters, Kathryn (21), Emily (19) and Laura (16).   He resides in the Wedgewood Forest subdivision of the Village of Panther Creek.

The Players - Road Bond Committee

In late 2014, the Montgomery County Commissioners Court appointed a 10 member citizen's Road Bond Committee to assist in preparing a prioritized list of road projects and creating a bond proposal. Each Commissioner and the County Judge selected two (2) representatives to serve on the committee.  The complete committee included:

The Controversies

While there is general agreement about the need for most of the projects included in the proposed $350 million road bond, there is one project that is drawing significant contention within the community, a $22 million dollar extension of Woodlands Parkway from 2978 to State Highway 249.  Opponents are concerned about the impact of increased traffic on Woodlands Parkway as cited by several studies, and the belief Woodlands Parkway would become a major East West corridor similar to 1960.  An alternative bond proposal which include an additional $10 million for enhancements to Woodlands Parkway needed to support the increased traffic was actually proposed to the County Commissioner’s court.  This alternative had unanimous support by the road bond committee.  However, the county commissioner’s rejected this proposal, and instead chose to pursue the current bond request that included the extension to Woodland’s parkway without the needed enhancements to existing roads.

Safety Message - Please lock your vehicles

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office – District 6, Lt. David Dottei wanted everyone to be aware that over the last three months there has been a 65%  increase in UNLOCKED vehicles (77%) vs. Forced Entry (23%) – Burglary of Motor Vehicle, in driveways and parking lots in The Woodlands.

Also, of note the Lieutenant has advised that out of these vehicles (that are burglarized) that 4 to 5 times a week guns are being taken from these vehicles. Please, if you have a gun DO NOT STORE IT IN YOUR VEHICLE. This is of great concern to our deputies and is a safety hazard.

In all cases, the burglar is seeing something they want out of a vehicle.


Please share this with your neighbors and Watch Members.

Water Conservation

waterIn order to prevent a future water crisis the community needs to work together to conserve this shared resource. Our community demand is exceeding the sustainable yield of our underground acquifers.